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For a long period of time countertops in Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan, Newmarket (areas that we’ve been serving for many years) and the rest of the country were covered in laminate materials. Why? Simply because laminates are a very cost effective solution. However, in recent years the tables have been turning and the popularity of natural stone surfaces such as granite countertops and marble countertops has grown tremendously. These materials offer a considerable number of benefits over laminates, but aren’t without their own drawbacks (such as a high initial cost and the need to be regularly sealed). In the quest for “perfection” in the world of interior surfaces, an engineered solution was born; quartz countertops. These countertops combine the many positive qualities offered by natural quartz granules with resins and colorants to offer a great all-round solution. If you’re not sure why you should have quartz countertops installed in your home, then keep reading as we’re going to explain the main benefits that they offer.

The Many Advantages of Quartz Countertops

In quartz countertops, industry experts addressed some of the “weaknesses” that are present in countertops that are constructed solely from natural stone, thus raising the bar and offering homeowners across the world another high level solution to cater for their needs. Should you decide to have quartz countertops installed in your property, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • “Tough” Isn’t the Word – We all know that granite and marble countertops are extremely tough and can resist most types of physical abuse, but quartz countertops take toughness and durability to a whole new level. There are only three naturally occurring stones that can genuinely claim to be more durable than quartz, which are topaz, sapphire and diamond (none of which are realistic materials for kitchen or bathroom countertops!). While granite, and particularly marble countertops, are susceptible to chipping and cracking, quartz countertops are generally able to resist any kind of force that would be applied to them in a domestic setting with relative ease. In fact, it would require an extreme amount of force to damage quartz countertops and they are typically able to last for decades.
  • They Aren’t Porous – You’ll frequently see quartz countertops referred to as a non-porous surface. This means that water and other types of liquids are not absorbed by it, which is actually the main advantage of selecting quartz and the biggest disadvantage of both granite countertops and marble countertops. Why? Well, the fact that quartz is non-porous means you will never have to re-seal it, therefore reducing the amount of maintenance you have to carry out considerably. It also means the growth of harmful bacteria and staining are not issues (this typically occurs if liquids are able to soak into the surface) that you have to worry about.
  • Stunning Appearance – While the fact that no two sections of granite are exactly the same is attractive from the perspective of adding something unique to your home, this lack of consistency can sometimes be troublesome and affect the aesthetics of your home. The appearance of quartz countertops however is controlled, meaning a manufacturer can tailor them to your requirements in terms of the colour, texture and pattern. There’s also no risk of unsightly defects in the stone as sometimes happens with natural rocks, which have to be cut around. This ends up increasing the total cost of your new countertops considerably.
  • Resistance to Heat – While it’s not recommended that you expose quartz countertops to extreme heat for sustained periods (this could potentially lead to cracks developing in the surface), they are able to able to tolerate brief periods of exposure to heat, unlike other surfaces such as laminates. This can be particularly beneficial in the kitchen, where you may unintentionally place a hot pan on a work surface for a few moments when cooking.

Quartz countertops have been engineered in such a way that has enhanced the physical capabilities of the surface, while at the same time offering greater control over the appearance. Quartz countertops really do represent one of the best options available to you today should you need to replace a food preparation area in your kitchen or your bathroom countertops. If you live in Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan or Newmarket and you would like more information about quartz countertops, contact our team today on (905) 597-7848.