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A stone countertop, also known as a, natural stone countertop, can include a variety of different looks, materials that include marble countertops, ideal for a bathroom countertop. There is a granite countertop, which is most popular for a kitchen countertop, due to its durability in comparison to marble. In the last little while, quartz countertop has gained in popularity, and while it is not a natural stone such as a granite or marble countertop, it is as durable as the others and easy to maintain.

This is one of the major benefits to a natural stone countertop, its durability, its ability to withstand heat, making it heat resistant, can be stain resistant, and it taken care of properly, can last you a lifetime. If you are looking to renovate your home, and more specifically, your kitchen, bathroom or an area that natural stone will look great, consider the option of natural stone, including marble, granite and soapstone.

The material granite, is considered one of the strongest natural materials in the world, second to diamonds, so choosing this stone for your countertop in your kitchen, for example, is a great choice. The reasons are that in the kitchen, you do a lot of chopping, cutting, washing of food, and require something that is very durable, making granite a very wise choice for a kitchen countertop.

A granite countertop, has a natural beauty all on its own, that provides character to a room, especially your kitchen, when decorated properly. If you colour coordinate your kitchen that complements a granite countertop, your kitchen will have both the luxury and practically effect all in one. This is something that a natural stone countertop offers.

In the case of a dark colour granite countertop, there is not a lot of maintenance required, aside from the daily wiping and cleaning of the countertop. Because the stone is very durable, heat, water will not penetrate the counter, making for a very easy point of maintenance. In the case of a lighter granite colour, it will be recommended that you seal it in order to avoid any staining of colour from such spills as red wine and food. However, if maintained daily by being cleaned up properly, your natural stone countertop is quite easy to maintain.

Another important factor to choose a natural stone countertop is the fact that it will add value to any home. They say that the 2 most important rooms in a home, when discussing resale value are the kitchen and bathrooms. Therefore, upgrading these rooms to natural stone countertops such as granite is a very wise choice economically. So when deciding on a natural stone countertop in Toronto and the GTA, look to Miracles in Marble to provide you with the choices you need to choose the right natural stone countertop today.

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