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A kitchen countertop sees a lot of activity on a daily basis in a Toronto home that choosing a surface to be able to deal with the rigor of such things as hot pots and pans, spilling of food and water is a very important decision to make if you are upgrading a home, or looking to buy a home. The idea is to find a kitchen countertop that is both durable to dealing with all that is asked of it for cooking, while still looking great and adding value to your home.

If you are looking to either renovate an existing kitchen or purchase a home with the essentials of a durable kitchen countertop, there are many different options to choose from in a kitchen countertop depending on your budget and needs. There are different varieties of kitchen countertops such as laminate countertops, which are the more affordable option, but are the product that is the least durable which can scratch and burn if you place a hot pot or pan on it. One benefit to a laminate kitchen countertop is the ability to choose the colour that is right for you as a laminate countertop can come in a variety of different colours.

The next options to consider for kitchen countertops include natural stone such as granite countertops and marble countertops , along with engineered stone quartz countertops. The benefit with these countertops, especially, granite and quartz is that they are heat resistant, stain resistant and are very durable. They are expensive however, and in the case of a quartz countertop, as it is engineered, you will be able to choose a colour of your choice, which can be costly.

Other options include wood kitchen countertops, metal kitchen countertops, concrete countertops, tile countertops and glass countertops. In the case of a wood surface, your kitchen will be given that country cottage feel; however, can be susceptible to water damage. In the case of the metal and concrete countertops, they are very durable, however, can be porous, also resulting in being vulnerable to water damage. With tile and glass countertop, you are getting durable countertops, which are very good against possible water damage; however, they can leave fingerprints and need to be cleaned frequently.

With so many choices to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on which one is right for you, that is why at Miracles in Marble, we will be able to assist you to help choose the right countertop that meets your budget, your colour scheme and preference for your kitchen.

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