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Have the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom space finally fallen foul of the aging process and need replacing? If so, the chances are high that there are many more options available to you nowadays than there were when you had your last set of countertops installed. New materials seem to be “created” each year and the old favourites such as granite, quartz and marble are constantly tweaked to offer better performance both in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. Granite countertops in particular have proven to be a popular choice amongst our clients in Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan and Newmarket over the years owing to the wide range of benefits they offer. During this article we’re going to take a closer look at exactly why so many bathrooms and kitchens are kitted out with granite countertops these days.

Granite Countertops: What Sets Them Apart from Other Options?

Granite countertops are frequently compared to both quartz countertops and marble countertops by kitchen and bathroom renovation experts and the truth is that each option does offer some outstanding benefits. In terms of granite countertops these benefits include:

•  Outlast Most Other OptionsGranite countertops are renowned for their durability and in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen where the surface is likely to experience frequent bumps and scratches, this is a real benefit and can make granite a real cost effective investment. Granite countertops aren’t distorted when exposed to high temperatures (they won’t be marked if a boiling hot pan is placed on them), and it’s a material that is very resistant to the natural acids (think of citric acid) that are commonly used when cooking.

•  Add Real Character – As mentioned, when shopping for new countertops, it’s not just about selecting a material that offers a wealth of practical advantages; new countertops have to integrate (and enhance it ideally) into the rooms design seamlessly. One of the main reasons that granite countertops are so popular is that no two are the same. In an age where everyone wants to be seen as a trend setter, granite countertops can add that unique element to your home.

•  Genuine Versatility – Granite countertops are available in hundreds of different colours, some of which are very slight variances on the same colour, meaning if you do like granite as a material, you’re almost sure to find a colour that “fits in” with the colour scheme you have in your home. One of the other major benefits of granite countertops is that they can be cut into any shape that you want, which is great if you’re looking for an irregular design or the room where they will be installed is irregularly shaped.

•  Hygienic Work Surface – You know the tile countertops that many people have installed in their homes? These surfaces are often a breeding ground for bacteria as they are able to evade less thorough cleaning attempts and thrive in the grouted areas in between the tiles. Granite countertops don’t have these “gaps” and as it’s non-porous when properly sealed, you don’t have to worry about liquids soaking into the countertop and leading to the growth of harmful bacteria either. This is a trait that is vitally important in a kitchen where food is constantly prepared.

Make Your Home More Attractive –  There are a number of characteristics that home seekers look for in a home when they are viewing properties, including walk in wardrobes, new windows and doors, and granite countertops. That’s right; the installation of granite countertops will typically cause your home’s market value to increase, making it a good investment in the long term as well as the short term.

Granite countertops are not the cheapest solution on the market, but it’s important to look past the upfront cost that’s required and learn about the long term benefits that you will gain from such an investment. When you think of it like that, granite countertops actually represent incredible value for money.