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Countertops aren’t one of the features in your home that you have replaced every year or two, and given the wide range of options that you can now choose from, it can be difficult to know what you should be asking renovations experts when the day to have them replaced eventually does arrive. Whether you’re just replacing your countertops or this task forms part of a larger renovation project that you’re undertaking, granite countertops are definitely worth considering if you’ve still not made your mind up with regards to the material you’re going to choose. As one of the leading manufacturers and installers of granite countertops in Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan and Newmarket, we frequently receive questions relating to this product and during this article we are going to share these with you in addition to the answers that we typically provide.

What Most Homeowners Want to Know About Granite Countertops

The key to making a good purchase is being in possession of all of the fact so that you can make an educated decision, rather than taking a “punt” and hoping everything turns out ok. Of course it’s impossible to be 100 percent sure whether you’ve made the best decision at the time of purchase, but if you know your stuff, you’ve got a much better chance. Hopefully these frequently asked questions should help you learn a thing or two about granite countertops.

How Much Maintenance Do Granite Countertops Require?

It’s only natural that as a homeowner you want to know what demands granite countertops will place on you in terms of time and money once they’ve been installed. The good news is that the answer in both cases is “not much.” In fact granite countertops are very easy to look after and are highly resistant to stains and scratches. They will need to be re-sealed approximately every two years, but apart from that all you need to do is clean them with soapy dishwater to make sure they remain clean and hygienic.

What’s the Difference Between Prefabricated and Custom Made Granite Countertops?

This is something you’ll almost certainly come across if you do any research into granite countertops. Any vendor that offers “prefabricated” granite countertops is basically selling lower quality versions that are most likely mass produced in Asia and then shipped over to Toronto ready to be installed. The major advantage of prefabricated granite countertops is cost, but the quality is typically considerably lower compared to the custom countertops that we offer. We can produce your granite countertops to any size, have a greater range of colours and they feature fewer seams too.

How Long Do Granite Countertops Typically Last?

You want to know how many years of use you’re going to get for the money you pay, right?! Granite is unlike many other materials in that when these countertops are installed in your home, whether it be in the kitchen or bathroom, they are already at least a few hundred years old and more than likely a few thousand. Granite is a naturally durable stone and is more than capable of coping with the pressures put on it by everyday use. Providing you have them resealed every couple of years and you keep them clean, a new set of granite countertops should easily last generations.

How Does the Price of Granite Countertops Compare to Other Options?

While it’s true that granite countertops (in most cases they are more expensive than marble countertops for example) certainly aren’t one of the cheapest options available, you really get what you pay for. There are numerous factors that will influence the price of granite countertops, including the geological origin of the granite used to create the countertops, the colour and patterns, the thickness of the granite and the amount of soft minerals found in the granite. On the lower end of the scale, it’s possible to buy granite countertops at $30 per square ft. One trick that is often used to lower the cost is to purchase the granite in several pieces rather than as one solid slab.

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