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As soon as the word marble is uttered, the vast majority of people almost always think of luxury and royal palaces. Marble is a classy material, but the notion that it has only ever been enjoyed by the rich and famous is some way off the mark. Before granite countertops and later quartz countertops muscled in, marble countertops were actually far more common in Canadian homeowners’ kitchens and bathrooms than you would probably believe. We’re not saying marble is cheap to buy though. Far from it actually, but it’s not as “exclusive” as you probably believe. While other materials have grown in popularity in recent years, marble remains one of the most desired materials to have in your home and is able to effortlessly add elegance to any environment it’s installed in. The benefits of marble countertops extend much further than an attractive exterior though as you will find out during this article.

Should You Have Marble Countertops Installed at Your Home?

When deciding what type of material you want your new countertops to be made from it’s important to take a look at the various advantages that each option is able to offer. With regards to marble countertops, the main benefits include:

  • Unique, Attractive Appearance – While quartz countertops are “engineered” and their appearance is manipulated, marble is a naturally occurring stone and each section of marble is unique. This means that no other homeowner in the Toronto area will have the exact same countertops as you. On top of that, marble countertops offer timeless appeal and you don’t have to worry about them going “out of fashion.” Marble comes in many different colours and patterns, including the traditional chalky white colour (a great choice in rooms that are lacking natural light) that marble has forever been associated with. Should you opt for granite countertops instead, you wouldn’t be able to select this colour!
  • Favourable Cost – As mentioned before, marble countertops are typically thought of as wildly expensive and while rarer types of marble will require a sizeable investment, the more common varieties, such as Carrara marble (typically white or blue-grey in colour), are available for prices lower than that of granite countertops or quartz countertops. In fact, marble is the most affordable natural stone material to use for countertops. With the current financial climate making things tough on many families in the Toronto region, every saving helps and will perhaps allow you to tackle other renovation projects sooner that you would have been able to if you had paid more for your countertops.
  • Impressive Durability– Relative to the price that you pay, marble countertops offer impressive durability and will usually easily outlast other types of countertops (just think of all the marble structures created by ancient civilisations — they are still standing today!) such as plastic laminate, tiled or wood countertops. Having said that, you do need to be careful with regards to scratches and abrasions, as marble can mark up easier than other stone countertops.

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