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Miracle Marble is Your Source for Caesarstone countertops in Toronto.

Caesarstone countertops in Toronto

One of the most popular counter surfaces for kitchens and baths in any home is Caesarstone. At Miracle Marble, we’ve installed hundreds of Caesarstone countertops for customers throughout the Metropolitan Toronto Area and we’re famous for innovative designs and quality work at the most affordable prices around.

As you begin planning for your kitchen or bath renovation, cabinetry and countertops deserve a lot of attention as they comprise the two features that attract most attention in any home. Caesarstone countertops are more expensive to install than ceramic tile or laminates, for instance, but make up for the cost differential with toughness and the ability to blend in with many designs and home décor features that change from year to year.

Caesarstone is crack, scratch and stains resistant. However, like other stone material too much force or excessive pressure from objects can damage the surface.  Caesarstone is resistant to most stains caused by juices, food coloring, tea, wine and soft drinks.  Caesarstone is  non-porous by nature which provides maximum resistance to staining and eliminates the need for any sealing. The non-porous quality of the surface also reduces the potential for bacterial growth greatly.

At Miracle Marble, our expert designers can show you all the possibilities that exist for Caesarstone countertops within your kitchen through the use of 3D computer software. This allows us to integrate other kitchen features into the plan, like flooring, appliances, window treatments, and lighting before the renovation begins.

Caesarstone countertops can add timeless beauty and value to any kitchen or bathroom, but including them in your remodeling project depends on appearance, cost, and maintenance.
Do you really like the way Caesarstone countertops look with the rest of your décor, and are you prepared to design around them? Caesarstone runs a gamut of colours, from pink, red, grey, green, brown to even black. Because of this, Caesarstone countertops aren’t necessarily as “neutral” as some designers may lead you to believe.

Everyone, it seems, wants Caesarstone countertops for the kitchen, bathroom, and even custom furniture pieces. We can understand the allure: They’re durable, and can be matched with any style thanks to the wide range of colors and textures available. When it comes to home improvement projects, Miracle Marble  is the number one company in the Greater Toronto Area for Caesarstone counter tops, custom kitchens and bathrooms, and other improvement projects that demand years of experience, attention to detail, and talent.

While many existing and new customers ask about the benefits of Caesarstone countertops, perhaps even more important is how to clean and care for them so they’ll last for decades – information that is a factor in deciding whether to choose marble, a solid surface, or stone or granite.

•    Wipe Caesarstone counter tops with warm water and mild soap, but only as often necessary as repeated soap use that isn’t rinsed properly could dull the finish.
•    Use stone cleansers especially formulated for marble, and buff dry with a soft cotton cloth.
•    Save money and make your own cleaning agent: Mix 4 tbsp. of baking soda with 3 cups of warm water.


Immerse a soft cloth in the solution and wring out excess moisture so it doesn’t drip. Wipe down the counter top with the solution, let it sit for two hours, then clean the surface with fresh water and buff dry.
With proper installation and maintenance, Caesarstone counter tops can be a source of pride and will last for decades. Regardless of your requirements, Miracle Marble is available to handle all of your home improvement needs, from Caesarstone counter tops to custom baths and everything in between.


If you have questions or need a free quote, call us today at (905) 597-7848 and one of our design professionals will be happy to help your dreams become reality.

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